About Us

Our practice
Tucker | Hester, LLC is a boutique reorganization, insolvency and commercial law firm in Indiana, that aims to provide exceptional reorganization, dissolution, commercial and bankruptcy-related litigation, transactional, and tax services to small and medium sized businesses and their owners.

Our clients

Tucker | Hester, LLC attorneys focus their practice on the needs of business debtors, individual debtors with business and complex tax debts, creditors, creditor’s committees, chapter 7 and 11 trustees, landlords, potential assets purchasers, receivers, and other parties with matters that involve financial distress.

Our passion
Tucker | Hester, LLC attorneys are united in feeling a deep sense of satisfaction in helping clients through bankruptcy, insolvency, and commercial matters which are often very stressful for those involved. Our attorneys have spent almost every day of their professional careers practicing bankruptcy and commercial law and listening to the needs of clients in these matters, and they would have it no other way.

Our approach
Tucker | Hester, LLC attorneys take immense pride in their ability to visualize creative and innovative solutions to any bankruptcy, insolvency or commercial matter, no matter how complex the matter is. Our attorneys discuss with clients strategies that resolve disputes out of court and without undue or unnecessary litigation whenever possible. On the other hand, when required, our attorneys effectively and fairly advocate on behalf of clients.

Our cost
Our firm has a policy against non-essential operating costs. It helps keep our costs down. We think clients appreciate this economical approach. We strive to be cost effective to enable our attorneys to be nimble in options for representing clients from the largest national bankruptcies to small, individual matters.

Our technology
Tucker | Hester, LLC is about as technologically advanced as law firms get. Unique among law firms, we are paperless. We use email far more than written letters or faxes. We use some of the most advanced services available to law firms, including a client extranet, intranet, texting, video chats, web conferences, cell phone voice and text access to attorneys, Mac OSX platform, hosted servers and extensive data back up.  We are proud of our tech vendors such as Bionic Cat, Dropbox, Mac, 37Signals and Kerio. For our clients, these combination of services mean transparency and immediate and inexpensive access to information and documents and efficient use of lawyer time.